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May 15th, 2018

Our undergrad students have successfully presented their Capstone research projects!


Two new postdocs in the Boissinot lab

We are proud to announce that Sandra Goutte & Justin Wilcox have joined the Boissinot lab ad NYUAD


August 2018

The Boss lab had a great time at the Evoluton meeting 2018 in Montpellier!











The Boissinot lab members present some of their research at the "Instituto Gulbenkian de Ciencia"






The second Boissinot lab writing retreat is happening in Lisbon!




July, 2018

Our paper on Anolis carolinensis is now on bioRxiv - Check it our by clicking the link below:

Bourgeois, Y., Ruggiero, R., Manthey, J., & Boissinot, S. (2018). Recent secondary contacts, background selection and variable recombination rates shape genomic diversity in the model species Anolis carolinensis

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)



Very successful third leg of summer fieldwork in Ethiopia. Great job Sandra & Yann!






Our paper on Mongolian fish from Lake Hovsgol is out now in the Biological Journal of the Linnean Society. Check it out by clicking here!






France wins the 2018 soccer world cup 

(So half the Boissinot lab is very happy)



8 - 12 July , 2018

Great times (and great food) at the SMBE meeting in Japan!




June, 2018

A very successful (and thankfully not so eventful) second leg of fieldwork in Ethiopia - Smile Megersa!




Our paper on the transposable elements of Woodpeckers is out now in GBE!. Click here to check it out!



May 20th, 2018

Our Capstone Students Finally Graduated! We are going to miss you guys!




May, 2018

Jigar has been awarded an NYUAD fellowship and will be conducting lab work with us during part of the summer!








Jiggar Govind

 "Long-term Balancing Selection at Immunogene loci in the Ethiopian frog Leptopelis gramineus"







Sudikchya Shrestha

 "Identification of Transposable Elements in Leptopelis gramineus - Insights into evolution of TE composition in Amphibians"








Mona Nehme

"Adaptation to High Altitudes of Mithochondrial genes in Leptopelis gramineus"








JooHee Choi

"The Transposable Element Landscape of Date Palm"







Ridda Manzoor

"Regulation of Transposon Expression by DNA Methylation in Zebrafish uhrf1 mutants"




May 30th, 2018

We returned from a very successful (and eventful!) field trip to Ethiopia



April, 2018

We describe 6 new species of frogs from Mexico, in collaboration with multiple NGOs. Read more about it, and check out the paper here!




February, 2018

Our paper on Ethiopian Leptopelis is finally out in Molecular Ecology! Check it our here! 





We are proud to announce that our Sudikchya Shrestha has been accepted to the PhD program at the Crick institute! Congratulations Sud!



January, 2018

Joe Manthey has started a position as an assistant professor at Texas Tech... Get them Raiders!! www.mantheylab.org




We are proud to announce that our JooHee Choi has been accepted in the PhD program at Washington University in St. Louis. Congratulations JooHee!!








Sandra Goutte will be studying the evolution of frog communication in Ethiopian anurans.





Justin Wilcox will study falcon genomics and microbial communities. (Co-sponsored with the Idaghdour lab)




November, 2018

Our latest paper on Ethiopian Ptychadena frogs is finally out in PLOSone! - Click here to check it out!